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Teller’s Cove Promotional Artwork

These are some ad images to help promote my horror novel Teller’s Cove. I combined book quotes from the novel with manipulated images of myself as the author. These are 1200 by 675 pixels in order to show up well on Twitter. They also go well on Tumbr and FaceBook. I hope you enjoy.

Last chance to read Teller’s Cove free!

Teller’s cove will be removed from the blog starting 7/31/2021. I hope you have enjoyed the experience. If you haven’t yet read it, there is a month left to enjoy and share with your friends for free before it will only be available in the marketplace.

Can capitalism survive interstellar space travel and colonization?

Thoughts by R.W. Van Sant As corporations are growing ever more prominent in the space industries, it becomes necessary to ask if capitalism that allowed them to amoas the wealth required to mount an interstellar mission, can capitalism itself survive the journey.  Are the laws, morees, and customs that allow capitalism to thrive resilient enough … More Can capitalism survive interstellar space travel and colonization?

Busy week at work

As so many of us trying to make our way in this business, my day job has been particularly demanding this week and I have not had time to put together a proper post. I will however share some more artwork, and work on my first sequel. It will be part 2 to Unity Captives … More Busy week at work

A few images from the EZ RPG Core Rule Book

Hello all. Having completed posting Teller’s Cove I am taking a week off to reset my mind. I will leave Teller’s Cove up for a Month. Enjoy and enjoy these pics from the EZ RPG Core Rule Book 3rd edition.

Teller’s Cove

R.W. Van Sant The remaining Chapters Chapter 35 Jerry drove towards town, unsure of where he was going. He only knew that Ellie needed a hospital. Her cell phone slid across the dashboard as Jerry steered the car around the winding coastal roads. He wished Ted was there; he did not even know where a … More Teller’s Cove

Teller’s Cove

By R.W. Van Sant Chapter 34 and 35 Chapter 33 As promised, Ted had the grill ready when they returned. Ellie set the bags down on the table as Jerry slumped into a large plastic lounge chair. Ted took out the food, cutting up and wrapping potatoes in tin foil for the grill. Next to … More Teller’s Cove

Teller’s Cove

R.W. Van Sant Chapter 31 and 32 Chapter 31 Jerry knew that it would be several minutes before the taxi from town could get out to them, so Jerry took Ted’s suggestion. His hands were bandaged, so he could not wash up. Jerry wrestled on a set of clean pants and shirt, feeling much better. … More Teller’s Cove

Teller’s Cove

By R.W. Van Sant Chapter 30 Chapter 30 Jerry watched as Ellie bandaged his hands, unsure how he was going to tell her about her uncle. He was feeling sick to his stomach and nearly vomited. Instead, he fought to calm himself, eyes closed and breathing deeply. “There you go,” Ellie finished wrapping Jerry’s hands. … More Teller’s Cove

Teller’s Cove

by R.W. Van Sant Chapter 29 Chapter 29 Jerry’s muscles tensed in apprehension of the force of the current. Hand over hand, he pulled himself into the darkness below, with each foot expecting to feel the ripping strength of the current. Perhaps they had gotten lucky and chosen the right point in the tidal cycle, … More Teller’s Cove

Teller’s Cove

by R.W. Van Sant Chapter 26 Chapter 26 That evening the brothers laid all their equipment out on the living room floor and prepped. They inspected and cleaned each piece. Everything was ready. Ted brought out a box of shotgun shells and some nail polish. “Three rounds each should be more than enough.” Ted opened … More Teller’s Cove

Teller’s Cove

By R.W. Van Sant Chapter 25 Chapter 25 Ellie was tapping her feet and pointing at her watch as they pulled into the parking lot. Jerry put on his best apologetic face and presented her books back to her. “Thanks. I think they’ll help a lot.” As she accepted the proffered books, the annoyed expression … More Teller’s Cove

Teller’s Cove

by R.W, van Sant Chapter 23 and 24 Chapter 23 Sleep pulled him into its nebulous embrace. The entire universe became a swirling abyss of half-visions. The world was hazy, yet he could perceive it speeding along without him at a ridiculously rapid pace, a video stuck on fast forward. Driven as before, by the … More Teller’s Cove

Teller’s Cove Chapter 22

by R.W. Van Sant Chapter 22 It was his first time alone in the old house. He found it unnerving. It was quiet; he could hear every creak as the house responded to the wind that was growing outside. He could even hear the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks in the cove. … More Teller’s Cove Chapter 22

Teller’s Cove Chapter 21

By R.W. Van Sant Chapter 21 A long hot bath soothed Jerry’s aching stomach muscles. The warm water removed the residue of the sea salt and the tensions of the day. Lying in the tub, his head mostly under water, he contemplated the events of the day. Ellie had taught him quite a bit more … More Teller’s Cove Chapter 21

Teller’s Cove Chapter 19 and 20

by R.W Van Sant Chapter 19 Once in bed, sleep and dreams quickly followed—mostly dreams of nightmare landscapes and a dead world. The sun was a small blur of light in the dense canopy that covered the whole ecosphere and had for some time. With insufficient light and heat, the plants wilted and died. Grazing … More Teller’s Cove Chapter 19 and 20

Teller’s Cove Chapter 18

by R.W. Van Sant Chapter 18 Once home, they collapsed on the couch in exhaustion. Jerry ached from the electrically induced strain on his muscles. Ted brought in a six-pack of beer and more DVDs. Ted had recorded several taped documentaries about on diving and shipwrecks. They were entertaining, but by no means intended to … More Teller’s Cove Chapter 18

Teller’s Cove Chapter 17

By R.W. Van Sant Chapter 17 “Hey. Jerry!” Ted shook the bed. “Wake up. It’s time to eat, and we’re burning daylight.” “Umphh!” Jerry pulled the covers back over his head to shut out the light. “Okay, I’m getting ice-water.” The tugging ceased. Jerry heard the door close. He sat up. Ted stood by the … More Teller’s Cove Chapter 17

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