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The iFactor Chapter 37

Chapter 37 Jill was at the mall, waiting for him at Say Soy. She looked a little tired, but she was still alive and, for the moment, that made Matt’s heart leap. He conjectured that shopping could be arduous, especially when someone was forced to do it for ten hours straight. He was loath to … More The iFactor Chapter 37

The iFactor Chapter 36

Chapter 36 Matt confronted Perry before they went into the daily meeting. “Perry?” “Yes, detective.” “The chief scheduled a mandatory meeting with my shrink. I’ll need your help moving stuff afterward.” “Yeah, sure. I have something coming out of the oven in a little while. I’ll bring it with.” “Sounds good.” Perry was one of … More The iFactor Chapter 36

The iFactor Chapter 35

Chapter 35 The forensic team found nothing conclusive on either the balcony or the body. The entire exercise had proven futile. Matt spent several hours with an artist to try to get any details they could on the killer. In the end, the picture was a dark hazy ghost, about average size and shape for … More The iFactor Chapter 35

The iFactor Chapter 34

Chapter 34 The briefing was short and boiled down to a simple truth, the powers that be were freaking out. No one in the Governor’s office nor the corporate boardrooms was happy with the lack of progress the department had made on finding the serial killer. The last killing was hard to hide, they tried … More The iFactor Chapter 34

The iFactor

Chapter 33 At the station, everything was bustling. If he didn’t know better, Matt would have sworn that he walked into a military operation. As far as he could tell, every officer on the force was at the station. At the front of the entryway, Rishards stood, clipboard in hand handing out duty assignments. Matt … More The iFactor

The iFactor Chapter 32

Chapter 32 For the first time in many years, Matt awoke to a kiss and a sweet soft, caring voice. “Matt, sorry, but it’s time to get up.” Matthew Dales responded with the graceful tongue of a poet, “Huhuguh!” “Come on, the office called. It’s time for you to get to work. They didn’t say … More The iFactor Chapter 32

The iFactor Chapter 31

Chapter 31 “Keep an eye on those close to you.” The handwriting had become disturbingly familiar. That was what Perry had told him. Was it Perry leaving the notes, could Perry be the killer? He knew that he was on the case. Hell, he knew about the blackouts. He had enough knowledge of the synapsis … More The iFactor Chapter 31

The iFactor Chapter 30

Chapter 30 Officer Perry was waiting outside his office. “Well,” Matt asked. “Find out anything on our blip.” Perry looked around cautiously and then turned and spoke a little louder than he usually did. “No, I think the new uniforms will be just as ugly as our current ones.” Matt, in a state of confusion, … More The iFactor Chapter 30

The iFactor Chapter 29

Chapter 29 “Trouble seems to be following you around like flies Matt.” Vanderhaar looked over the report. “Lucky me.” “Could you tell what they wanted?” “No,” Matt responded. “I don’t think it was random.” “Stocking faces, black clothing, attacking with—what did you say.” he glanced over the paper again. “A syringe as a weapon. That’s … More The iFactor Chapter 29

The iFactor Chapter 28

Chapter 28 The lights along the walkway dimmed as the rising of Sirius’ larger sun started to brighten the horizon. The city planners set the lights to go off as the sun’s illumination increased to save energy, but they did not have it timed correctly, and the city walkways were dimmer than at any other … More The iFactor Chapter 28

The iFactor Chapter 27

Chapter 27 Matt was waiting in the lobby when Jill emerged from the interview room. She had been one of thirty witnesses, so the department called her in to give an account of what she saw. Her eyes were red and puffy. It had been a long day for both of them. The image of … More The iFactor Chapter 27

The iFactor Chapter 26

Chapter 26 “I’m sorry, Dales!” Vanderhaar read the message on the screen once the conference room door closed. “Can you believe it? That bastard aimed the message right at you, Matt. How did he know?” He roared. “Who knew that I was on the case?” Matt’s was irritated and anxious. “With all of your running … More The iFactor Chapter 26

The iFactor Chapter 25

Chapter 25 Matt learned as he arrived at the park that his previous assumption was wildly mistaken. The park was not going to be a place where he could clear his mind. The park was crowded. He had walked in a celebration of some sort. Most of the people assembled near the amphitheater in the … More The iFactor Chapter 25

The iFactor Chapter 24

Chapter 24 For the next several hours, Matt was at his desk. The paperwork involved was worse than it had been on earth. The contact chain data for Kossman and he dove into the documents like a dog going for a bone. He spent hours following Kossman’s signal. He traced and backtracked everyone that he … More The iFactor Chapter 24

The iFactor Chapter 23

Chapter 23 The train that led to the canyon was slow but abnormally deserted. Still, Matt felt uncomfortable. When he, at last, reached the first canyon stop, he made his way out of the car as quickly as possible without raising Detective Rishards suspicions. She was already a bit skittish around him, and he wondered … More The iFactor Chapter 23

The iFactor Chapter 22

Chapter 22 Rishards called ahead, and the section supervisor was waiting for them. “I’ve already given all the testimony I had.” The man told Rishards as she entered his office. “Yes, we know. This case is now being handled a bit differently.” She said. “Oh,” his eyebrows rose. “This is Detective Dales.” he motioned. “He … More The iFactor Chapter 22

The iFactor Chapter 21

Chapter 21 Matt arrived at the station the next morning a little groggy from the sedatives. The coffee in his hand was strong and bitter but was slowly clearing his mind. Good, he’d need to keep his mind sharp for this morning’s session. Rishards was waiting outside the interview room. “He’s in there and confused. … More The iFactor Chapter 21

The iFactor Chapter 20

Chapter 20 The excitement and horror of the murder investigation, augmented by the feeling he was being followed, the disturbing note he found at his door, and the medications wearing off all conspired to wreck another night’s sleep. Matt tossed turned as nightmares struck like ringing hammers. They started with long, seemingly endless corridors with … More The iFactor Chapter 20

The iFactor Chaopter 19

Chapter 19 The causeways were bustling. There were far more people than was usual for the time of day. Matt departed the station for the office of his psychiatrist. All the excitement had left him overtired. All he wanted to do was to head to his apartment and lock himself in for the night. Attending … More The iFactor Chaopter 19

The iFactor Chapter 18

Chapter 18 Matt paced in front of Kossman’s apartment door. The warrant was slow to be approved; still, it was an appropriate excuse for him to relieve some nervous tension. The crowds around the murder site had left him agitated. He thought about the new medication and wondered if it was wearing off too quickly. … More The iFactor Chapter 18

The iFactor Chapter 17

Chapter 17 “This is the place.” Rishards stopped in the center of one passage. “Where’s the damage? “Matt scrutinized the ceiling, but he couldn’t detect the spot where the wires had dangled in the image. He scanned the panels for the gruesome marker to the precise place where the victim hung. In the computer image, … More The iFactor Chapter 17

The iFactor chapter 16

Chapter 16 Matt wanted to walk to the site, but Rishards insisted on taking the transit car. The compartment was packed when the detectives squeezed in. Matt’s chest felt tight, and his pulse raced. Anyone of the people in the car could be the killer. The world reeled around him. The door slid closed, so … More The iFactor chapter 16

The iFactor Chapter 15

Chapter 15 “How was the trial?” Rishards asked. “You sure walk slowly.” Officer Perry jaded. “The defense accused Dales of planting evidence.” “They did?” Rishards asked. “It was desperation. Overall, there were eleven screamers pulled off that ship. Eleven counts of destruction of human life and depraved indifference.” Matt sat at the table. “It was … More The iFactor Chapter 15

Happy Thankgiving-Have an old poem

Felicia Dorothea Hemans, ‘The Landing of the Pilgrims’. The breaking waves dashed high,On a stern and rock-bound coast,And the woods against a stormy skyTheir giant branches tossed; And the heavy night hung darkThe hills and waters o’er,When a band of exiles moored their barkOn the wild New England shore. Not as the conqueror comes,They, the … More Happy Thankgiving-Have an old poem

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