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Science Fiction, Horror, Dark Fantasy, Role playing Games, Grahic Arts


Group by R.W. Van Sant Group was my second published short story. Victory News Press published it in a quarterly publication in the summer of 2008. Group is a horror story concerning the temporal nature of ghosts. Are they are bound to the same linear nature of time that binds the living? If not then … More Group

Extinction Live!

Extinction Live! By R.W. Van Sant From the Synaptic Overload Anthology Historically, most great advances in science have been promoted and controlled by the government. American society is growing more skeptical of their government forcing the scientific community to become reliant on commercial industries to fund their research. In such a climate science is promoted … More Extinction Live!

Waiting for a Ride

What is a Grey to do, the saucer breaks down light years from the nearest civilized world leaving you stranded on a barbaric world in the middle of a desert that the locals call Nevada? The only outpost on your monitor was a militant looking community called “Area 51”. Nothing to do but call for … More Waiting for a Ride


Rebellious hands clasping illegal pens, Frantic swirls forming outlawed shapes, Ornate designs make alias names, A silent attempt to be remembered. Bit by bit, hidden in plain sight, The forsaken artist leaves his mark, A message only the initiated can read, A desperate attempt to be remembered. Desecrating the desks society gave his parents, The … More Legacy

Wearing a mask is the most patriotic thing you can do now as an American.

These are public domain images of the founding fathers graphically altered to show them wearing masks. These images are intended to inspire all Americans and show them the patriotism of making a little sacrifice for the good of the nation and their fellow Americans. Lets stand together as a nation to fight the corona virus. … More Wearing a mask is the most patriotic thing you can do now as an American.

Soul Observer

Copyright 2015  R.W.Van Sant A light brown Corolla cut her off as Melisa drove to the University daycare. Under normal circumstances, such a disrespectful display would have merited a horn blast, a middle finger salute or both. Melisa, however, was tired and in a hurry, so she let it slide with just a few uncharitable … More Soul Observer

Role-playing games are back — The Australian

Pen-and-paper role-playing games have been undergoing a renaissance lately as people look for more personal ways to connect with each other and share experiences distinct from their everyday lives. Role-playing games are back — The Australian

Concerning the Nature of Storms

Concerning the Nature of Storms A Poem By Ron Van Sant ************************************ Storms that fill the night with clamor As Thor the Thunderer does rush to fight Long sparks fly as shield blocks hammer Cutting brightly through the cloudy night. This is the nature of storms My Oma to me told, As passed on down … More Concerning the Nature of Storms

One Man’s Trash

One Man’s Trash By R. W. Van Sant When humanity has damaged the environment to the point we can no longer survive in it, will other more suitable tenants move in? *********************************************             “Hide yourself,” the parent warned as it floated on the gentle air currents that kept it, and its offspring, aloft. It was … More One Man’s Trash

Hello, I’m R.W. Van Sant

I guess that every writing project has to start somewhere, even a blog. So it’s only fair that if you are going to be following me, reading my thoughts and discoveries, or experiencing my writing explorations along with me then I owe it to you to explain a bit of the philosophes that drive my … More Hello, I’m R.W. Van Sant

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