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Teller’s Cove Chapter 15

By R.W. Van Sant Chapter 15 “Ted?” Jerry entered the house, bearing a small container of ice cream. “Cooking!” His voice emerged from the kitchen. “Still like chocolate.” “Of course!” Ted responded.  The smell of boiling hotdogs filled the house. Jerry’s stomach rumbled, even though he had just eaten an ice cream cone. He appreciated … More Teller’s Cove Chapter 15

Teller’s Cove Chapter 14

R.W. Van Sant Chapter 14 He was slightly nervous, heading for his first real dive. The equipment rattled and bounced in the rusted back of Ted’s truck. Jerry watched out the rear window, mentally identifying each piece with some degree of personal satisfaction. Regulators, diving cylinders, hoses, and gauges—he was familiar with them all. Ted … More Teller’s Cove Chapter 14

Teller’s Cove Chapter 13

By R.W. Van Sant Chapter 13 Jerry had a quiet night. He awoke completely rested and ready for the day’s trials. If Jerry Lujan had any dreams, they were of swimming and the ocean—fragmented and mostly unremembered. Still, when he awoke, his muscles felt every moment of the previous day’s exertions. A warm shower helped, … More Teller’s Cove Chapter 13

Teller’s Cove Chapter 11 and 12

Chapter 11 Ted poured the hot chocolate into cups and stirred in hot water. Jerry sipped slowly, contemplating his drink as though he could find answers in the misty shades of brown that swirled there. “I’ve heard that stress can cause sleepwalking,” Ted suggested finally. “How are things going? Really?” “Honestly, I don’t know. I … More Teller’s Cove Chapter 11 and 12

Teller’s Cove Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Jerry sat at the dining room table perusing the journal his great-great-great grandfather—the nutcase. He should have been studying for his classes, but the sooner he could show Ted the futility of the whole endeavor, the sooner he could enjoy his vacation, and get used to the idea of his newfound wealth. The … More Teller’s Cove Chapter 9

Teller’s Cove Chapter 8

R.W. Van Sant Chapter 8 The librarian sat behind a desk stamping books, a solitary guardian of the accumulated knowledge of Puerto Villa. “We close in an hour,” she announced. “Thanks.” That was all right with Jerry; he begrudged every moment of his vacation in a library lost to the library. The building that housed … More Teller’s Cove Chapter 8

Tellers Cove Chapter 7

by R.W Van Sant Chapter 7 Jerry awoke cold and shaking. His heart pounded heavily in his chest, and he wondered if it would stop from fatigue. The taste of blood was fresh in his mouth, and his stomach revolted against it. He felt his mouth for the source, but his tongue gave no indication … More Tellers Cove Chapter 7

Teller’s Cove Chapter 6

by R.W. Van Sant Chapter 6 Strange dreams overtook Jerry’s tired mind, of floating in darkness. Strong currents pulled and pushed all around him, gently coaxing him this way and that. Wonder flooded his entire being, enthralling and dominating him. He knew he was under water. He could feel it fill his lungs, yet he … More Teller’s Cove Chapter 6

Teller’s Cove Chapter 5

By R.W. Van Sant Chapter 5 “Almost there.” Ten announced. “Good.” Jerry could not wait to see it. The main road continued its serpentine path along the rocky coastline. The ocean dominated Jerry’s attention. He wondered how long it would be until he could ignore the spectacular sight and drive this road as Ted did; … More Teller’s Cove Chapter 5

Teller’s Cove Chapter 4

by R.W. Van Sant Chapter 4 They drove through dawn, curiosity the only thing keeping Jerry’s eyes open. The sun eventually broke through the haze, giving Jerry his first breathless look at the Pacific Ocean. It was calm flat and, although he knew that it was several thousand miles across, looking at it for the … More Teller’s Cove Chapter 4

Teller’s Cove Chapter Three

Chapter 3 Ted paid for a ticket to San Francisco. He would be waiting at the airport, and Jerry was dying to find out what was actually going on. The ticket was waiting for him at the Albuquerque Sunport. It was a night flight and had a connection in Phoenix. Jerry would have preferred a … More Teller’s Cove Chapter Three

Teller’s Cove Chapter Two

Chapter 2 Arturo agreed that Jerry needed a vacation and moved the deck project up so that he could finish in time for spring break. His cousin planned a full-scale, sleepover, work party with all the food and beer Jerry could handle. Jerry jumped at it, he wasn’t overjoyed with the thought of leaving his … More Teller’s Cove Chapter Two

Teller’s Cove Chapter One

Chapter 1 “Hello? Who is this—Ted? So, you’re alive after all?” His older brother had been missing for months. It was too early in the morning. Jerry had been up drinking too late. The sound of his brother’s voice, on the other end of the phone, inspired more anger than relief; he wanted to let … More Teller’s Cove Chapter One

Teller’s Cove

A horror novel by R.W. Van Sant presented one chapter per week. Prologue “One, two, three, four…” Jerry Lujan sat cross-legged, in the center of his dormitory bunk, his eyes squeezed tight against the coming twilight. Focus on the numbers, he told himself. Counting had always calmed his nerves, but this time, it wasn’t helping. … More Teller’s Cove

On Holiday

On Holiday A fun fantasy romp with a modern twist. By R.W. Van Sant Part of the Synaptic Overload Anthology ____________________________________ In our modern world, people travel to exotic places to vacation and take a break from the work a day lives. It is a chance to relax and have fun. What would happen if … More On Holiday

Sporting Chance

Sporting Chance A dystopian Science Fiction Short Story by R.W. Van Sant Part of the Synaptic Overload Anthology ___________________________________ Humanity justifies the killing and eating of animals because we believe that animals lack souls. Beliefs are malleable things, subject to changing conditions, and capable of evolving to justify altered conditions. If criminal activity is immoral, … More Sporting Chance

Crimson Sands

Crimson Sands by R.W. Van Sant A short horror story in the Synaptic Overload Anthology ___________________________________________________ What could cause pure unreasoning terror in a person? A standard Hollywood answer to this question is to have something coming out from behind a dark corner to kill the character with a gruesome medieval weapon or power pool. … More Crimson Sands

Visiting Hours

Visiting Hours by R.W. Van Sant Published in the Synaptic Overload Anthology _______________________________________________ Parents have unconditional love for their children. How strong is this bond? Is there anything a child could do before losing the love and support of their parents? This is a flash fiction story. It came about as part of a college … More Visiting Hours


White by R.W. Van Sant From the Synaptic Overload Anthology ________________________________________________________________ When a person dies suddenly, witnesses often comment that “He never knew what hit him.” What happens to such a soul, when the ability to perceive returns to them, lacking worldly stimuli. Can they understand what happened to them? Might not confusion lead to … More White

Whale Song

Whale Song A Short Story By R.W.Van Sant Copyright 2008 ________________________________________________ Whale Song It was his tenth wedding anniversary, and Daniel Gordon was returning home to his wife after a hard day at work, a very hard day. In fact, he’d just been laid off.  Management said that it was a competitive restructuring, but Daniel … More Whale Song


Ricochet By R.W.Van Sant During the first Gulf war, weapons systems became so sophisticated that it became possible for the enemy to fire missiles that locked on to the signals put out by field radios. This story was my third published story. Ricochet appeared in the summer 2008 issue of Victory News-Press. This short story … More Richochet

The Sleep Diet

The Sleep Diet By R.W.Van Sant ________________________________________________________ Doctor Callenger sat at his desk, watching the news broadcast on a small color television as he fondled his father’s world war two forty-five automatic pistol. The world was going to hell. Shit, the world had been going to hell since the fifties. There was no way they … More The Sleep Diet


Group by R.W. Van Sant Group was my second published short story. Victory News Press published it in a quarterly publication in the summer of 2008. Group is a horror story concerning the temporal nature of ghosts. Are they are bound to the same linear nature of time that binds the living? If not then … More Group

Extinction Live!

Extinction Live! By R.W. Van Sant From the Synaptic Overload Anthology Historically, most great advances in science have been promoted and controlled by the government. American society is growing more skeptical of their government forcing the scientific community to become reliant on commercial industries to fund their research. In such a climate science is promoted … More Extinction Live!

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