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The iFactor Chapter 11

By R.W. Van Sant It was a very long day, and his next shift started in less than nine hours. All Matt wanted to do was get to his bed. His rumbling stomach prompted him to get some food. Lunch felt like a distant memory, and the pastries in the break room were gone. There … More The iFactor Chapter 11

The iFactor Chapter 10

By R.W. Van Sant The documents awaiting him were large, but not daunting. Most were follow up on his cases as a cargo inspector. There was a substantial amount of official acknowledgments and disclaimer verifications concerning the details of his increased security access to cities mainframe systems. He also had to sign off that he … More The iFactor Chapter 10

The iFactor Chapter 9

by R.W. Van Sant Matt was happy to learn that detectives and specialists had their own break room. There was a coffee maker with ceramic mugs piled neatly on the counter near them. On the other side of the counter rested a small refrigerator, which he discovered contained drinks and flavored coffee creamers. Although the … More The iFactor Chapter 9

The iFactor Chapter 8

By R.W. Van Sant Detective Zimmerman was studying the documents that flowed across her monitor. She looked up momentarily as the two men entered, and then went back to her analysis. “Took you two long enough.” “Sorry, a situation arose requiring a minor security presence.” Officer Perry said. Zimmerman looked up a concerned look on … More The iFactor Chapter 8

The iFactor Chapter 7

By R.W. Van Sant Say Soy! was a chain of restaurants that sprung up in the outworld colonies promising superior tasting food within the restrictions of food type availability. Since every colony and space station had hydroponics gardens and soy crops, the bulk of the menu items were derived from those substances. In Sirius, as … More The iFactor Chapter 7

The iFactor Chapter 6

By R.W. Van Sant Matt stood facing the door. All he had to do was to walk through, and it would be as though the last ten years hadn’t happened. No, it wasn’t as easy as that, no one could escape their past. He may have gotten his career back, but he had acquired some … More The iFactor Chapter 6

The iFactor-Chapter 5

by R. W. Van Sant The next morning, drained from insufficient sleep, Matt dressed and stumbled from the apartment. The chief ordered him to be on time, and Ken was the last person on the planet that he wanted to upset. Matt disliked the feeling of emotional detachment the medication caused; still, he took a … More The iFactor-Chapter 5


Why do we fear what lies below the waves, when we know there are more terrors above them?

The iFactor – Chapter 4

by R.W. Van Sant Matt slid into a realm of metaphors, unspoken desires, and long forgotten memories. He dreamed of beaches, summer heat and tranquil waves, swimming among the fish. Lying on the warm sand, feeling the heat of the sun as it caressed the bronzed backs of the women lounging next to him on … More The iFactor – Chapter 4

The iFactor- Chapter 3

by R.W. Van Sant Matt’s apartment door slid silently open. It was a universal reality that, in the dome colonies, everything operated well—in the beginning. The colony was well planned, funded, and less than a decade old. There simply hadn’t been time for entropy to work its necromancy on the equipment. Matt found it disconcerting … More The iFactor- Chapter 3

The iFactor – Chapter 2

by R.W. Van Sant Once free of the congested compartment, Matt felt the air move more easily into his lungs. The warehouse had been an ordeal. Inside the enormous hall, the cacophony of noise and motion overwhelmed his senses. There were just too many people. They moved in and out, between and around the labyrinthine … More The iFactor – Chapter 2

The i Factor Chapter One

by R.W. Van Sant Crate after crate rolled briskly along the expansive cargo receiving ramp that ended somewhere within the bowels of the ship. Shining with the lead coating that protected their contents from the radiation of deep space, the line of shipping containers blurred in his tired gaze, morphing into a long silvery apparition … More The i Factor Chapter One

Can capitalism survive interstellar space travel and colonization?

Thoughts by R.W. Van Sant As corporations are growing ever more prominent in the space industries, it becomes necessary to ask if capitalism that allowed them to amoas the wealth required to mount an interstellar mission, can capitalism itself survive the journey.  Are the laws, morees, and customs that allow capitalism to thrive resilient enough … More Can capitalism survive interstellar space travel and colonization?

Hello, I’m R.W. Van Sant

I guess that every writing project has to start somewhere, even a blog. So it’s only fair that if you are going to be following me, reading my thoughts and discoveries, or experiencing my writing explorations along with me then I owe it to you to explain a bit of the philosophes that drive my … More Hello, I’m R.W. Van Sant

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