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The iFactor

I will leave up the iFactor for a month for anyone who hasn’t had a chance to finish reading and sharing with their friends before I take down the chapters. I hope you have enjoyed them. The paperback and ebooks will remain for sale on Amazon books, Kindle, and Smashwords.

The iFactor Chapter 48 The Conclusion

Chapter 48 “He’s gone crazy,” Vanderhaar told the four men who stood facing him from behind the large desk.  Even in the dimly lit room, he could easily see discontent on their faces. “He’s just one man. You’re the law here. Order his arrest. Use your tracking systems.” The man behind the desk growled. “I … More The iFactor Chapter 48 The Conclusion

The iFactor Chapter 47

Chapter 47 On the edge of the dome, he saw the security gate that led to the scaffolding; it was open. He paced himself as he climbed. He would need his strength if he were going to save both of them. Each turn popped into his memory as he approached. A web crisscrossed the entire … More The iFactor Chapter 47

The iFactor Chapter 46

Chapter 46 “Hello, Kramer.” He stepped out of the shadows behind the officer, taking the security officer’s gun from the holster before he could reach for it. “Dales.” He said curtly. “You are under arrest.” “I don’t think so.” “Have you completely lost it?” Kramer sounded incredulous. “The chief backed you, gave you a chance, … More The iFactor Chapter 46

The iFactor Chapter 45

Chapter 45 People were scattered all around the former detective in the dim light. For the first time in years, it didn’t bother him in the least. In fact, he remembered each person moving past him before they did. Most of his memories remained a jumble, but if he focused on the moment, then he … More The iFactor Chapter 45

The iFactor Chapter 44

Chapter 44 Vanderhaar left his office filled with apprehension. The plans he’d been working on for so long had not come to fruition. His former partner was running free. Somehow, he’d managed to escape the detachment the Trust sent to retrieve him. The damn computer system was frustrating him, he wanted to request a warrant … More The iFactor Chapter 44

The iFactor Chapter 43

Chapter 43 It was the mind rip. All reality simultaneously expanded and inverted. Years of memories, past, and future assaulted his mind. His brain struggled to incorporate all the new data. The fantasia drug had brought down his mental barriers and all the memories and experiences that he had so long fought to suppress burst … More The iFactor Chapter 43

The iFactor Chapter 42

Chapter 42 The song flooded his mind; the singsong rhythm quickly synced to the cadence of his footfalls. Go to sleep and go insane Past and future all the same When the world turns inside out All you’ll do is scream and shout The singsong rang through his head, so familiar. He forced the image … More The iFactor Chapter 42

Monster Monday

The Teller’s Cove Shark Game Stats for the EZRPG game system. The Shark of Teller’s Cove Over a century ago, the merchant sail ship “The Morning Sunshine” was driven off course by a storm. The captain had purchased a stolen idol of pure gold before leaving port and his superstitious crew blamed their misfortune on … More Monster Monday

The Survival/Camping Knife

A weapon/tool for use with the EZ-RPG game system. This is a good weapon or tool for use in a modern horror or adventure setting especially if it is set in the woods or wilderness. A similar weapon could be devised for a science-fiction setting with more advanced abilities or better bonuses. This is a … More The Survival/Camping Knife

The iFactor Chapter 41

Chapter 41 Matt was unsure how long he’d been in the cell, but he’d had several visits from his psychiatrist, his police advocate, and he’d lost count of the number of times he’d been fed. His career was over, Jill was gone, and he’d most likely brought down the reputation of the man who had … More The iFactor Chapter 41

Carl Samuels

A free-to-use background character for any modern EZRPG game, or as a player character. Carl Samuels Modern Adventure/Horror/Mystery Carl is built on the Average Joe template and can be used in any game as a savior, maniac, red herring, or as a player character. Strength: 0          Agility: 1              Toughness: 1 Intellect: -1         Psyche: 0             … More Carl Samuels

The iFactor Chapter 40

Chapter 40 Matt’s palm alarm woke him early. Jill was up and almost dressed. “Trying to leave me already?” “How could I, I’ve waited my whole life for you.” She leaned down and kissed him. “Teachers, though, can’t be late. It sends a bad message and gives the children an excuse to be late themselves. … More The iFactor Chapter 40

The iFactor Chapter 39

Chapter 39 Matt couldn’t recollect the last time he’d felt as tranquil, certainly not since before the Dallas incident. He’d had sex numerous times since arriving in Sirius, but it had always felt forced, confined, as he had to hide his true self from his lovers. He had to hide or risk driving them away … More The iFactor Chapter 39

The iFactor Chapter 38

Chapter 38 Hand in hand, they walked back to the colonial security office, stopping only for a quick shopping run to get the food Jill promised to cook for him. It had been a very long time since he’d had any food not of his own concocting, or from a cafeteria or restaurant. The walk … More The iFactor Chapter 38

The iFactor Chapter 37

Chapter 37 Jill was at the mall, waiting for him at Say Soy. She looked a little tired, but she was still alive and, for the moment, that made Matt’s heart leap. He conjectured that shopping could be arduous, especially when someone was forced to do it for ten hours straight. He was loath to … More The iFactor Chapter 37

The iFactor Chapter 36

Chapter 36 Matt confronted Perry before they went into the daily meeting. “Perry?” “Yes, detective.” “The chief scheduled a mandatory meeting with my shrink. I’ll need your help moving stuff afterward.” “Yeah, sure. I have something coming out of the oven in a little while. I’ll bring it with.” “Sounds good.” Perry was one of … More The iFactor Chapter 36

The iFactor Chapter 35

Chapter 35 The forensic team found nothing conclusive on either the balcony or the body. The entire exercise had proven futile. Matt spent several hours with an artist to try to get any details they could on the killer. In the end, the picture was a dark hazy ghost, about average size and shape for … More The iFactor Chapter 35

The iFactor Chapter 34

Chapter 34 The briefing was short and boiled down to a simple truth, the powers that be were freaking out. No one in the Governor’s office nor the corporate boardrooms was happy with the lack of progress the department had made on finding the serial killer. The last killing was hard to hide, they tried … More The iFactor Chapter 34

The iFactor

Chapter 33 At the station, everything was bustling. If he didn’t know better, Matt would have sworn that he walked into a military operation. As far as he could tell, every officer on the force was at the station. At the front of the entryway, Rishards stood, clipboard in hand handing out duty assignments. Matt … More The iFactor

The iFactor Chapter 32

Chapter 32 For the first time in many years, Matt awoke to a kiss and a sweet soft, caring voice. “Matt, sorry, but it’s time to get up.” Matthew Dales responded with the graceful tongue of a poet, “Huhuguh!” “Come on, the office called. It’s time for you to get to work. They didn’t say … More The iFactor Chapter 32

The iFactor Chapter 31

Chapter 31 “Keep an eye on those close to you.” The handwriting had become disturbingly familiar. That was what Perry had told him. Was it Perry leaving the notes, could Perry be the killer? He knew that he was on the case. Hell, he knew about the blackouts. He had enough knowledge of the synapsis … More The iFactor Chapter 31

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