Happy Thankgiving-Have an old poem

Felicia Dorothea Hemans, ‘The Landing of the Pilgrims’. The breaking waves dashed high,On a stern and rock-bound coast,And the woods against a stormy skyTheir giant branches tossed; And the heavy night hung darkThe hills and waters o’er,When a band of exiles moored their barkOn the wild New England shore. Not as the conqueror comes,They, the … More Happy Thankgiving-Have an old poem

The i Factor Chapter 14

Chapter 14 Matt’s testimony had been authenticated and presented to the judicial council. According to the United Nations proclamations on the rights of extra-Terran inhabitants, this gave each person the right to face their accusers and have them cross-examined by their legal representatives. The assistant purser was taking full advantage of that right and called … More The i Factor Chapter 14

The iFactor

Chapter 13 by R.W.Van Sant The small conference room was jam-packed. Matt was unacquainted with many of the people in attendance. Chairs and tables were lined up facing a podium and large monitor screen, which filled the far wall. Officer Perry was occupying one of the chairs. Detective Zimmerman, he noticed, was nowhere to be … More The iFactor

The iFactor Chapter 8

By R.W. Van Sant Detective Zimmerman was studying the documents that flowed across her monitor. She looked up momentarily as the two men entered, and then went back to her analysis. “Took you two long enough.” “Sorry, a situation arose requiring a minor security presence.” Officer Perry said. Zimmerman looked up a concerned look on … More The iFactor Chapter 8

The iFactor Chapter 7

By R.W. Van Sant Say Soy! was a chain of restaurants that sprung up in the outworld colonies promising superior tasting food within the restrictions of food type availability. Since every colony and space station had hydroponics gardens and soy crops, the bulk of the menu items were derived from those substances. In Sirius, as … More The iFactor Chapter 7