No Harm No foul

Available Cyber Monday Without warning, bombs pour through a rip in the night sky, devastating the Earth. A strange constellation visible through the breach provides the only clue to the identity of the enemy. Survivors huddle in bunkers, waiting for the radiation to reach them and put an end to mankind’s history. In the middle … More No Harm No foul

The iFactor

I will leave up the iFactor for a month for anyone who hasn’t had a chance to finish reading and sharing with their friends before I take down the chapters. I hope you have enjoyed them. The paperback and ebooks will remain for sale on Amazon books, Kindle, and Smashwords.

The iFactor Chapter 46

Chapter 46 “Hello, Kramer.” He stepped out of the shadows behind the officer, taking the security officer’s gun from the holster before he could reach for it. “Dales.” He said curtly. “You are under arrest.” “I don’t think so.” “Have you completely lost it?” Kramer sounded incredulous. “The chief backed you, gave you a chance, … More The iFactor Chapter 46