Legacy of the Dragon Slayer

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Medieval high fantasy, sword and sorcery ready to play EZ RPG adventure with a Dragon!

The Dragon Lives!
Two decades ago the king sought out the dragon who ravaged the kingdom and killed his father and slayed it bringing peace and tranquility to the realm.

It is the twentieth celebration of his Majesty’s ascension, the whole kingdom has turned out to celebrate – even the dragon, long thought dead, appears to take revenge on the human that bested him. Once again the kingdom is under siege, fire rains death from the skies and the realm is plunging into chaos.

To take the throne, and once again bring peace to her people, the princess must recruit a team of adventurers to brave a perilous journey to the lair of the beast to end its evil forever. Beset by traitors, beasts of the wild, and brigands, the journey to reach the mountain lair of the Wyrm is a treacherous one. No matter the dangers, the adventurers must find the lair and put an end to the dragon once and for all.

Play a sneaky thief, spell-wielding mage, steadfast archer, heroic knight, or any character variation you can think of. The system is flexible enough to handle a little imagination.

This E-Z RPG adventure is stand-alone and contains all the rules necessary to play an exciting, roleplaying game set in a fantasy world of swords and sorcery, high adventure, and dragons of course!

It can be played out over a few sessions or expanded to a full-blown campaign.

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