The iFactor

A science fiction thriller set against the backdrop of the Sirius Colony. A society protected from the acid atmosphere and from its citizens by the cities computer system. When a serial killer finds a way to bypass that system and kill with impunity only a man with PTSD flashes of the future can stop the killing.
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On a future world, an unstoppable Serial Killer stalks the domes.

After the incident in Dallas, no one on earth would ever trust Matt Dales with a badge again. He is plagued by PTSD and amnesia. The rumors that he lost it and killed civilians forces him to take a job on Sirius, one of the off world colonies.

Space travel, however, has its dangers. Objects moving faster than light experience time and space expanding , contracting, reversing and inverting all at once, human minds cannot handle the sensory overload. All passengers are given the hyper drug to prevent them from making memories of the experience. Without it space travelers arrive catatonic or they scream themselves to death.

In its diluted form, the drug is one of the more popular recreational drugs. A criminal market thrives on skimming off some of the passenger’s doses. Although Dales survives getting a “short dose”, his PTSD has gotten worse and he is in a constant struggle with sensory and memory flashes of events that have yet to happen.

Now, a serial killer moves around the dome killing without detection, thwarting the the colonies computers and personnel tracking sensors . When the most perfect security system the human race has ever created is unable catch the murderer, the colonial government turns to the only man trained outside that system; Detective Dales.

Now only a man with uncontrollable psychic visions can stop the killing; that is if the mental barriers he struggles to maintain don’t collapse driving him insane first.