Teller’s Cove

“Teller’s Cove is a horror through and through. It’s got suspense, shocks, blood, death, and an underlying feeling of unease and tension.” – Bit’N Book Promoters

Jerry Lujan struggles to keep up grades and deal with his loneliness. Both his parents were killed in a boating accident when he was a baby leaving him and his brother Ted to be raised by their struggling grandmother. Now she is also gone and his brother Ted took a hike an hour after her funeral. Jerry has never felt more alone.

Until an early morning phone call from Ted changes all that. Ted has a beach house and wants Jerry to come immediately. Spring Break is approaching and Jerry reluctantly agrees. Once he arrives, he learns that he hand his brother inherited a coastal estate from their poverty stricken grandmother, although it is beaten down it is still worth millions of dollars.

The dilapidated house sits on a cliff over looking a rocky cove protecting a forgotten family legacy, a secret that brings with it an old ships log that promises even greater wealth.
Now he and Ted must learn to scuba dive and follow the insane ravings that old Captain Teller inscribed a century before. They must search the murky shark infested waters of cove bellow the old house.

The logbook speaks of something else, a sinister force that protects the cove and the treasure. Will the brothers quest for the treasure unearth the real reason why their grandmother forsook her family’s property and fled to live a life of poverty in the high desert? Or will their greed unleash a far greater danger to plague humanity and learn the what it truly means to be a Teller.
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