The iFactor Chapter 45

Chapter 45

People were scattered all around the former detective in the dim light. For the first time in years, it didn’t bother him in the least. In fact, he remembered each person moving past him before they did. Most of his memories remained a jumble, but if he focused on the moment, then he could remember everything quite clearly moments before it occurred. He moved among his fellow colonists in total security as he made his way to the place the last woman was killed.

Matt was no longer a detective, but he had a ‘hunch’ that only finding the killer would bring closure with Jill. Most of his memories were still tumultuous; his subconscious mind was growing weary of trying to sort them all out. He slumped on the ground where the last victim had died and closed his eyes to rest. He awoke sometime later.

The light of the rising primary glinted off a small piece of metal on the grass. He scooped up the necklace and appraised it. It was Jill’s. He remembered it against her flesh as they made love. The image changed to another memory of Jill on a scaffold, high in the dome.

“Let go, Matt, evolve!” she said. He had a vision of her bloody palm, and he looks at his own. She was still alive. Somehow, she’d managed to survive. His memories were still a jumble. He was still repressing them.

Matt knew that he had to find Jill, and he knew that he had to get to her before she was shot and fell to her death. He had now completely accepted the fact that his flashes and dreams were memories; many were of things that hadn’t happened yet. It was hard to sort them out. But, most importantly, he had to find Jill, because he knew that someone was going to follow her up the dome scaffolding, and shoot her. She would fall to her death if he couldn’t save her.

There was only one way to accomplish that. He needed access to all his memories. This meant that the last vestiges of his sanity barrier had to be eliminated, he had to “let go and evolve.” To do that, he needed something of value to trade. He looked at the necklace in his hands. No, he thought. It belonged to Jill, and he wouldn’t part with it unless there were no other choice. He remembered, however, that he would shortly have another way to get what he needed.

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