The iFactor Chapter 32

Chapter 32

For the first time in many years, Matt awoke to a kiss and a sweet soft, caring voice. “Matt, sorry, but it’s time to get up.”

Matthew Dales responded with the graceful tongue of a poet, “Huhuguh!”

“Come on, the office called. It’s time for you to get to work. They didn’t say why, but it sounded urgent. I told them I’d have you out the door within ten minutes. You like me too much, I hope, to make a liar out of me.” Jill shook him gently.

“Up,” Matt started. “I’m up.” He felt more rested, more in control than he had in a long time.

“Your uniform is clean, and at the end of the bed. I’ll get you something to eat.” Jill walked into the kitchen area, leaving him to get himself together.

Once dressed, Matt walked to the table to see it cleaned and set, as much as his meager dishes collection would allow and set with coffee, and toast with jam and peanut butter. “I didn’t know what you liked, so I opted for carbs protein and caffeine. Sorry, you didn’t have much in the apartment, and with your state of mind this afternoon, I didn’t want to go out lest you awaken to an empty apartment and go out to try to save me again.”

“That’s not funny,” Matt said. “Look, it’s possible that the person who killed the man in the pond is fixated on me. He might go after anyone close to me.”

“And I was the first one you worried about.” She flushed and bounced to the sink to clean her hands. “After your shift tonight, can we get together?”

“Don’t you have to teach?”

“I’ll get a substitute.”

“On one condition,” Matt told her.

“Name it.”

“Stay around people all day; I mean a lot of people, at least three or four at all times.”

“Sure, I go to the cinema.” She joked.

“Not what I meant, stay visible.”

“Yes, Sir.” She gave him a mock salute.

“Great.” He strapped on his gun belt. “Now, I’ll drop you somewhere. Where?”

“I’d like to take a long walk in the moonlight.” Matt glared, and she smiled at him. “I’ll go shopping.”

“Okay, then.” He leaned over to kiss her, and she let him.

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