The iFactor Chapter 29

Chapter 29

“Trouble seems to be following you around like flies Matt.” Vanderhaar looked over the report.

“Lucky me.”

“Could you tell what they wanted?”

“No,” Matt responded. “I don’t think it was random.”

“Stocking faces, black clothing, attacking with—what did you say.” he glanced over the paper again. “A syringe as a weapon. That’s ridiculous. Even on Sirius, it is possible to get a knife. No, I don’t think it was random. These men, whoever they were, targeted you for a reason.”

“Who did I piss off? I do not recall being overly obnoxious lately. Why a needle?”

“Huh, other than me, you mean.”

“Why did they want to inject me with something?”

“Until we know what was in it, we don’t know. We can only speculate.”

“Okay,” Matt said. “What are your thoughts?”

“There are easier ways to kill someone than injecting them with poison, so I don’t think it was an assassination attempt.”

“Could they have been trying to inject me with an illegal drug to discredit me?”

“Who would want to do that?”

“Maybe our mystery blip from the rape case, we never found out who that person was, if they think I was close, well what better way to take me off of the case than to have me wandering around the dome stoned off my head. Or maybe our killer hired some help.”

Vanderhaar looked troubled for a moment then shrugged, “We are still looking into that, don’t worry Matt, we’ll track the culprits down. I think it might have been an abduction attempt.”

“Me? Who would want me? The department doesn’t pay ransoms. It doesn’t have to.”

“I’ve warned you, Dales; you make too many lucky guesses. You are very good at keeping your hunches to yourself.” Vanderhaar sighed. “I think someone might have taken notice.”

“You’re talking about the Trust again?”

“Who else?”

“Those guys, they were amateur. I think if such an organization did exist, then their operatives would be better trained.”

“Maybe or maybe they just never had to deal with a police officer with self-defense training.” Vanderhaar offered. “You know how they feel about crime here. I doubt if there are more than a handful of officers on the entire colony who are trained in hand to hand combat. Suspects here know there is no point in trying to escape. There is nowhere to go, and the computer tracks them.”

“Well, when we get the trace report back on these two guys, we can ask them why they tried to jump me.”

“We’ll get on it immediately, until then, I want you at home and resting.”

“I don’t need to rest.”

“You were up all night, and with all the stress you’ve been under… yes, you do.” Vanderhaar stood up.” I’m making this an order. Take the day off. I’ll have Kramer escort you to your apartment. Just in case whoever attacked you has thoughts about trying again.”

“Yeah, sure, whatever.” Matt wanted to talk to Kramer in any case, and he was too tired to argue.

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