The iFactor Chapter 10

By R.W. Van Sant

The documents awaiting him were large, but not daunting. Most were follow up on his cases as a cargo inspector. There was a substantial amount of official acknowledgments and disclaimer verifications concerning the details of his increased security access to cities mainframe systems. He also had to sign off that he understood the United Nations directives regarding human rights and confidentiality agreements for each corporation operating in the colony.

After looking at the workload, he decided to take another pill. Matt could look forward to several hours of computer-based training. It would be tedious beyond words and require some overtime. By the time he finished, he was seriously brain-tired. Still, it felt great to be back doing the work for which he was trained.

It was between shifts when Matt stepped off the main lift in the lobby. The reception area was only slightly congested. He saw her easily, as she stood in the line before the officer on duty, the woman from the restaurant, her face bruised and a little swollen. At that moment, he wanted nothing more than to get his hand on the thug who had hurt the beautiful, spirited woman.

Matt tried to look calm and professional as he approached. “Can I be of help?”

“Oh,” she looked up with tear red eyes. “As it turned out, you were right about him.”

“Are you alright? Do we need to get you medical assistance?” Matt inquired.

“I’m fine, just bruised my pride.” she salvaged a tissue from her bag and wiped under her eyes. “I’m usually a good judge of character. I came to get that restraining order you suggested.”

“You’re going to have to file charges against him. Just tell the recorder what happened. Officer Perry and I can corroborate the incident at Say Soy.” Matt said.

“Thank you.” She said.

“It’s my job.” Matt stood with her until she reached the front. Then he turned to the officer. “I have some testimony in this matter, as does Officer Perry. I’ll be around, page me when you need me. Perry, I believe, is off duty.”

“Yes, detective.” the officer said. “Please step forward and make your report.”

The woman looked at Matt appreciatively. “Thanks.”

Matt, already exhausted, just smiled, gave her a nod, and went back to the lift. He needed more coffee and hoped there was a pastry or two left over.

His palm chip vibrated as he poured a cup. He walked over to the wall monitor and waved across the sensor for access. A general alert notification appeared on the screen. Toby Sawyer, the rapist, had been apprehended. Matt poured some cold water into his steaming drink to cool it. It burned a bit as he chugged it down, but he wanted to be there for the interrogation and needed the caffeine.

The holding cells and interrogation rooms were two levels below. Until his promotion, Matt didn’t have the clearance to enter that section, which was no longer a problem; interrogations were part of his regular duties again. He walked into the observation room. Zimmerman and the chief were already there.

The chief appraised him. “Nice uniform. I thought you’d be gone by now.”

“I had a ton of paperwork,” Matt replied.

“Well, that’s our perp.” the chief said. “You can take off, your shifts over, and this is going to be exceedingly routine.”

“How are you going to get him to confess?” Matt asked.

“No need. The work you two did was solid. A confession would only go to showing remorse for the judicial council. No, now we want him to verify that he got the drug from the bartender, so we can bring that scumbag in.” The chief explained. “Go ahead, take off. You’re looking a bit tired.”

“I have a deposition to give in a few moments concerning an incident that I observed today at lunch.”

“The domestic incident?” Zimmerman asked.

“Yeah, well it seems the boyfriend didn’t let it go. The woman came in a few minutes ago, she’d been beaten.”

“Okay, after you give your report. I want you to go home and rest. That is an order, Dales. We’ll fill you in on what we learn when you come back in for your shift. Now go and give your account.” The chief ordered. “There will plenty to do tomorrow.”

“Yes, sir.” Matt considered the creep on the other side of the glass before leaving; in his opinion, the man was a waste of space. Fantasia was derived from the Hyperdrug. The man was willing to let someone go through the mind rip, just because he couldn’t get a date to say yes. If Matt had his way, everyone like that man would be shoved out an airlock into the acidic atmosphere of Sirius.

Matt took the long way around. The sight of the man angered him, and he wanted to cool off before he took the elevator back down to the intake desk.

“We’ve been waiting for you detective.” The officer said at his approach. “Please come with me.”

Matt followed into one of the small rooms along the hallway.

“Please have a seat, you know the routine.”

Matt smiled. He had spent many months on the other side of the desk, and he was familiar with the procedure.

“Put your palm on the identity pad.” The recording officer directed. Matt did so, and a monitor on the wall lit up with his official photo and personal data. “Very good. Now If you’ll just affirm that the information you are about to provide is truthful and complete.”

“I do so affirm,” Matt responded. When he had been on the other side, the answers were varied and occasionally rude.

“Good. Now tell me about the incident that occurred at Say Soy this morning.” The officer continued.

Matt described the incident as well as he could recall. Not talking about his dreams, however, felt like a lie by omission. One didn’t put dreams and accounts of over-arousal into official reports. Not if one wanted a future in security.

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